Why do we discuss things that have been discussed already 20 years ago?

Because many who run channels today were in pre-school twenty years ago and do not have the experience and knowledge from back then. So how do we get channel people up to speed? There is no class about indirect channel best practices in any MBA program, there is no obvious training provider and knowledge is passed on by word of mouth – hoping that the “master” actually masters the the channel. The book “Channel Excellence” trys to not only covering all the aspects of channel management but is written by a channel practitioner. Continue reading “Why do we discuss things that have been discussed already 20 years ago?”

Self Publishing – Broad Distribution

Why do it? It’s so easy and just very interesting to participate in the process. Of course the financial return is a bid higher but as we all know – if not Dan Brown – you won’t get rich from writing a book in particular a special interest book. So the book is out and I start to collect some reviews. Also the ISBN number arrived today. After a final touch up I’ll approve the book and it will be available through Amazon.com and Barns & Nobel.

But the book distribution has it’s price – talking about distribution – sounds sooo familiar. I get more than twice by selling through Lulu than selling through Amazon and Barns & Nobel. But at the end that’s actually what the book is about – direct versus indirect. And not just because I eat my own dog food – I believe in the model.

Done – the book is ready

Channel Excellence, the book is done. It will go to print tomorrow and available next week. I’d like to thank all contributors and people who educated me on indirect channels over the past 20 years. Reading throw the draft copy made me already wonder? Who wrote all that :-)

Now, there is also a new WIKI: http://channelexcellence.pbwiki.com. It is a public wiki and I encourage everybody interested in channel topics to visit and contribute. Send me an email and I’m happy to provide you with a password: contribute at channelexcellence.com.

I’ll update the blog with URL to buy the book asap.

Finishing up the book

Writing a book while running a new startup, being engaged in another one and having an engagement as channel committee member at SIIA isn’t an easy task. So the book took much longer to write, more and more inputs were collected and as the industry makes dramatic changes towards Software as a Service, also the channel changes (at least for that part of the industry).

Thanks to so many additional contributors. There will be war stories and even more interesting aspects to indirect channels .

It looks like we should be ready sometime in July this year.

The Book about : Channel Excellence

After all I decided to write this book and invite everybody to comment, contribute, express your thoughts and may be help to make this a helpful guide to everybody facing challanges with indirect channels. The plan is to publish the book in the next 12 weeks.