18 Aug 2006

Interview with Salesforce.com VP Matt Holleran

Posted by Axel Schultze

Salesforce.com is a very effective channel from big to small companies. For instance Vertical Response offers their solutions via the AppExchange to 400-500 customers. The AppExchange model is to help developers reduce their burden on integration and also reduce sales and marketing cost. Vertical Response is one of the examples who provide their solutions through AppExchange with an up to 40% lead closure rate in accordance to Salesforce.com’s Matt Holleran (VP Alliances). Also interviews with other partners confirm that Salesforce.com made it very easy to integrate their respective solutions without the need to get engaged with salesforce employees and be dependent on their resource allocation. For instance Salesforce.com provides ways to test drive not only the salesforce.com application but also their partners application. Some of their partners develop exclusively on the salesforce.com platform and can reduce cost of the development environment. The salesforce.com partnerships are highly integrated into the salesforce.com solution architecture which makes the salesforce.com channel a highly efficient group for all kinds of solution developers.

Matt’s advice: Companies need to design the buying process into their product. The easier it is to explore, try and buy a product the higher the chance to win the customer.


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