Networked Channels for Software Services

SaaS, Social Media, Online Software Applications… all have one in common, those businesses need indirect sales channels to grow.

Any kind of reseller on the other hand can only be successful, profitable and attractive to end customers when they have a larger product portfolio – single brand resellers can’t survive. Here is what I believe SaaS companies need to do: Continue reading “Networked Channels for Software Services”

Interview with Jamcracker VP Brent Arslaner

Jamcracker is providing a channel ecosystem through their webservices integration business. Partners can access the Jamcracker site and find and select those services. There are new success stories around the channel to be found on their website. JSDN is Jamcrackers On Demand Market Place. On a way similar to the AppExchange from it was built to help partners buy, consume or market webservices.

Brent’s advice: Large percentage of traditional IT VARs aren’t there yet. Even so Microsoft is now pushing the SaaS business. A new breed of partners with no baggage is probably what it takes to build channels for SaaS. His channel began to grow substantially this year.