Cloud Computing Reseller & Publishing Industry

The Information Technology Industry is going through an interesting migration. It is somewhat similar to the migration from “big iron” also known as main frame computers to personal computers in the 80’s.

Please don’t make the mistake to compare it with the Internet evolution as the Internet was an “add on” to the existing PC landscape. The Internet was an additive way of leveraging the PC as it was.

Cloud computing however changes the way applications are developed, delivered, maintained, used… PCs allowed for decentralizing the highly concentrated data and technology power from main frames and its connected terminals and get the full computing power under the control of its user. Continue reading “Cloud Computing Reseller & Publishing Industry”

See you at the funeral

The end of the channel – long life the channel. The end of the high tech channel was predicted the first time 1985 – 3 years after the first computer reseller opened shop. Ever since the end of the channel was predicted.

But then if we look at the typewriter resellers, that channel was predicted to die and it did. It did with no noise, silently vanished away – after 10 or so years of arguing. Look at the bakery, butcher, shoemaker – all predicted to die – and at the end: all did go out of business. Continue reading “See you at the funeral”

The digital divide on the channel side. On which side is your channel?

We all know, customers no longer conduct their product or brand exploration by reading magazines, market research, visiting exhibitions or asking the “experts”. Instead prospects explore the web, get influenced by peer groups and trusted networks THEN they touch base with interesting product or brand sources.

What was once a key function of the channel:

Continue reading “The digital divide on the channel side. On which side is your channel?”

Self Publishing – Broad Distribution

Why do it? It’s so easy and just very interesting to participate in the process. Of course the financial return is a bid higher but as we all know – if not Dan Brown – you won’t get rich from writing a book in particular a special interest book. So the book is out and I start to collect some reviews. Also the ISBN number arrived today. After a final touch up I’ll approve the book and it will be available through and Barns & Nobel.

But the book distribution has it’s price – talking about distribution – sounds sooo familiar. I get more than twice by selling through Lulu than selling through Amazon and Barns & Nobel. But at the end that’s actually what the book is about – direct versus indirect. And not just because I eat my own dog food – I believe in the model.