Why do we discuss things that have been discussed already 20 years ago?

Because many who run channels today were in pre-school twenty years ago and do not have the experience and knowledge from back then. So how do we get channel people up to speed? There is no class about indirect channel best practices in any MBA program, there is no obvious training provider and knowledge is passed on by word of mouth – hoping that the “master” actually masters the the channel. The book “Channel Excellence” trys to not only covering all the aspects of channel management but is written by a channel practitioner. Continue reading “Why do we discuss things that have been discussed already 20 years ago?”

Partner Programs

Which vendor has the ultimate partner program? What works for vendor A does not mean it also works for vendor B.
Each partner program has to be easy to adopt for the partner but still tailor-made for the vendor.

During our research we came across several partner programs. A lot of programs we reviewed were just carbon copies of the channel program the big vendors released.
Seen one, seen ’em all. Nevertheless we found vendors who placed great importance to their channel programs. Clear program and dedicated channel support creates a win-win situation for partners and vendors.

I contacted several channel manager and asked for permission to show case in the book their prominent partner programs. Cross the fingers we will get all feedback in time – The content is almost completed and we expect to get some pre-print examples in July

Call for Feedback

Today I like to ask VARs, Resellers, partner channel organization to help to update our research in regards what works/worked best in channels. Nothing changes faster then “partner programs” in our industry. What was defined last fall does not mean to be still valid in spring.

During our research and interviews in the past we came across of a lot of channel activities partner loved/disagreed with. The one which is loved most by the vendor does not mean
to be the one which is loved most by the partners. To make sure that our book is up to date I like to get also feedback from resellers, VARs and everyone who is in indirect sales to learn
which current “channel program” works best for partners and for vendors.

Also any commentary or statement around channels you would allow us to publish it in the book as a best practices example would be very welcome.

Please share with us your anecdotes, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Just contact me via the blog, by email marita.roebkes@channelexcellence.com or by phone
650 384 0057.