Fine-Tuning the Channel

Marshall Lager from CRM Magazine:
“They’re not exactly employees, and they’re not quite customers, but your channel partners can be equally important — and you can’t just direct them by remote control.
You may want to read this interesting article.

What’s very interesting too is the way this article is structured – not the typical monologue but it includes a pull from a LinkedIn Q+A and other social media aspects. Well done. This is what I consider journalism 2.0

Self Publishing – Broad Distribution

Why do it? It’s so easy and just very interesting to participate in the process. Of course the financial return is a bid higher but as we all know – if not Dan Brown – you won’t get rich from writing a book in particular a special interest book. So the book is out and I start to collect some reviews. Also the ISBN number arrived today. After a final touch up I’ll approve the book and it will be available through and Barns & Nobel.

But the book distribution has it’s price – talking about distribution – sounds sooo familiar. I get more than twice by selling through Lulu than selling through Amazon and Barns & Nobel. But at the end that’s actually what the book is about – direct versus indirect. And not just because I eat my own dog food – I believe in the model.

Done – the book is ready

Channel Excellence, the book is done. It will go to print tomorrow and available next week. I’d like to thank all contributors and people who educated me on indirect channels over the past 20 years. Reading throw the draft copy made me already wonder? Who wrote all that :-)

Now, there is also a new WIKI: It is a public wiki and I encourage everybody interested in channel topics to visit and contribute. Send me an email and I’m happy to provide you with a password: contribute at

I’ll update the blog with URL to buy the book asap.

Wiki for Channel People

we just created a wiki for indirect sales people, vendors and partners in the SaaS space. The wiki is created as operating vehicle for the SIIA Channel Committee but is publicly available. Everybody who is interested to contribute, please contact – as at – or give us a call (650) 348-0057.

New Channels for SaaS

A new white paper is available, covering some of the challenges vendors and partners are having when building a channel for Software as a Service solutions.
The white paper is publicly available through either the SIIA website or directly here from the channel excellence blog.

The white paper covers primarily the differences between SaaS Channels and traditional IT channels and the opportunity for the industry to build such channels and for new entrepreneurs to become a “Catalyst” for the SaaS industry.

Finishing up the book

Writing a book while running a new startup, being engaged in another one and having an engagement as channel committee member at SIIA isn’t an easy task. So the book took much longer to write, more and more inputs were collected and as the industry makes dramatic changes towards Software as a Service, also the channel changes (at least for that part of the industry).

Thanks to so many additional contributors. There will be war stories and even more interesting aspects to indirect channels .

It looks like we should be ready sometime in July this year.

SaaS Channel Committee 2007

As the new chair for the SaaS Channel Committee from the SIIA (Industry association for the software industry) I’m working on some concrete goals for 2007 and also search for committee members who will help grow the indirect business side of the SaaS industry.

Functional areas where I recognized a need in the industry:
– Guidance in regards to contracts for a three party relationship: user, partner and vendor
– Guidance in regards to compensation and margin questions
– Guidance for building and retaining indirect channel relationships
– Guidance for new partners: how to build a successful SaaS implementer
– Providing industry best practices and act as a sounding board for new ideas

Any feedback or support is very much appreciated. Please email to