Channel Empowerment – Social Media

I see a lot of channel manager being frustrated about social media support for their partners “We don’t even have a social media strategy for ourselves”. My typical answer:

“Channel empowerment is your social media strategy”

Social media in business is basically a powerful way to improve the customer experience, strengthen customer relationships, leveraging the recommendation power in the market, use the user generated content to accelerate business and so forth. All of the above is something the BUSINESS PARTNER need to understand and leverage for their very own market segment – NOT the vendor who (hopefully) is not competing with their own channel for the end customer relationship.

Social media as we all know by now, is not “yet another communication channel to blast promotions into the market”. And as such partners need to understand and leverage the power of social media.

The Social Media Academy started a comprehensive education partner for global technology leader including EMC, Quest and SAP.

Unique Partner Empowerment Program

The Partner Empowerment Program is an on-demand learning program for partners to take at their own leisure. It includes exercises for practical real world experience and a support program for partners who get stuck in the new world.

The program is provided in a way that it can be distributed through the vendors e-Learning platforms or through the Social eLearning system from the Social Media Academy.

Partners learn to develop their presence, leverage user generated content as well as vendor provided content and come back to one of the channel’s most central role: Making recommendations. Social media and its user generated content is about recommendations – we teach partners to be part of that recommendation network – to their own and their vendors benefit..

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