See you at the funeral

The end of the channel – long life the channel. The end of the high tech channel was predicted the first time 1985 – 3 years after the first computer reseller opened shop. Ever since the end of the channel was predicted.

But then if we look at the typewriter resellers, that channel was predicted to die and it did. It did with no noise, silently vanished away – after 10 or so years of arguing. Look at the bakery, butcher, shoemaker – all predicted to die – and at the end: all did go out of business.

David Stelzl did a great job explaining it. He may save a few firms, help them to migrate but then how much? 20? 30? The 200,000 reseller, the consultants to those resellers, the reseller media, will slowly but steadily vanish away.

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