Why do we discuss things that have been discussed already 20 years ago?

Because many who run channels today were in pre-school twenty years ago and do not have the experience and knowledge from back then. So how do we get channel people up to speed? There is no class about indirect channel best practices in any MBA program, there is no obvious training provider and knowledge is passed on by word of mouth – hoping that the “master” actually masters the the channel. The book “Channel Excellence” trys to not only covering all the aspects of channel management but is written by a channel practitioner.

When Axel Schultze started Computer 2000 in Europe and built the most successful channel in the world, the success was based on out of the box thinking as well as keeping things the way it worked best since the inception of trade. Was it success by accident? He started another intermediary in 1996, Infinigate. Infinigate is an Internet Products Distributor and was created in times where e-commerce was meant to replace the middleman.  Infinigate again became the most successful Internet Products Distributor. In 2001 he started his first software company, BlueRoads. With almost no funding he needed to compete with two competitors who had $70 Million cash in the bank, raised during the .com hay days. BlueRoads outperformed both companies and almost acquired one of them. Aperently Axel know what’s needed to create, grow and successfully run a channel.

I recommend who ever has less than 5 years of channel management under the belt – take the book and go through it. And for the rest it’s probably still very interesting to read.

But the world doesn’t stand still. Even so you will read some ideas about social media at the end of the book, lots of new things enter the channel. To stay up to date this blog is hopefully a great support.



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