Channel Complexity

Channels are the most complex business model – simply because of its integrated involvement of legally independent parties in one of the most critical business processes: Sales. Therefore channel business has many facets and view points. There is an executive view point, one from investors, customers, service organization, product development and marketing.

Often Times channels get inherited by a new executive who is forced to understand that channel and the implications of any changes in a matter of weeks.

But complexity doesn’t need to mean complicated. Structuring and completely understanding channels is the usual way to manage complexity. The book Channel Excellence shall help all constituencies to better understand, structure and manage those relationships for a better, faster and more profitable business.

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  1. With >25yrs in tech solutions marketing and channels – my top 3 partering principals include:
    1) always start with the customer – understand what motives them to buy, then how & where they want to buy and why
    2) understand the value, economics and motivators to all parts of the chain – to/from customer to channels to manufacturer/supplier
    3) always be willing to have open/hard/honest business communications with internal and partner management.
    Optimization is a never ending with key learnings along the path.

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